There is a wide variety of boat lifts available today using different designs, metals, gears, motors and accessories. After a site examination and a  review of the          specifications of the vessel intended for use, Land and Sea Marine will recommend a lift that will provide years of smooth, safe and convenient operation while staying within that ever-important budget.

Land And Sea Marine, Inc. is a factory authorized dealer for...

The lift structures are manufactured locally in the United States of America with precision detail and design. They feature all aluminum and stainless steel beams, cradles and bunks designed for modern boat lifting. The most important options you need to consider in selecting a boat lift that is right for your use and budget requirements are in the weight capacity, motors and drive gears. While there are many other accessories available for your new lift, the weight capacity, motors and drives are the most important factors in determining the performance, maintenance requirements and lifespan of your new boat lift.  With the exception of the bunks, the main lift structures from IMM™ Boat Lifts will be the same with either a Select™ Series or a Platinum™ Series lift.

Both the Select Series and the Platinum Series from IMM™ feature grooved cable winders with composite cable keepers. The grooved winder is a grooved aluminum sleeve installed over the drive pipe to guide the cable during wind up. Cable to cable friction promotes cable deterioration. Grooved winders prevent cable friction, tangling and misalignment.

The Select Series features a no slip chain drive with a self lubricated oil bath gear   reducer and weather proof motors mounted to a stainless steel back plate and enclosed in UV resistant vinyl shrouds for reliability in all conditions

The Platinum Series features an aluminum cased double worm direct drive gear for the ultimate in fail safe low maintenance operation

The Platinum Series also features the Tiger Shark remote control unit, which has been picked by the Swedish Sea Rescue Service as their lift      controller to move    emergency vessels in and out of the sea.

This is one of our low profile installations of a Platinum Series 4,500# lift with aluminum bunks and a Tiger Shark remote control with auto stop

We also include an “auto-stop” limit switch feature to the remote control on all Platinum Series lifts. This is a small mechanism installed on the upper beam that includes           contactors for the up and down cycles of the lift. These contactors are set by us at    installation and they tell the lift when to stop when it reaches its down stroke and up stroke. This enables you to motor away from the lift after launch and raise the lift out of the water remotely, and not have to stay at the lift and monitor the progress. It is most important on the down stroke as it automatically stops the lift prior to the cradles      contacting the river bottom, thus preventing any slack and subsequent misalignment of the cables at the drive pipe.

Aluminum sleeved grooved winder and composite cable keeper for correct cable alignment- Standard on both Platinum and Select Series lifts

 Aluminum bunks with poly skids for strength, durability and safety - Standard on Platinum Series lifts

Auto-stop limit switch for Platinum Series- Standard on Platinum Series lifts

Optional - Aluminum top beam cover

Optional - Kicked cradles

Optional - 20’ Aluminum

Walk Board

Features and Options Include:

When the Platinum Series installation is complete, the gear and motor assembly is fully enclosed inside a UV resistant vinyl shroud with a stainless steel back plate. This prevents surface corrosion and provides a clean, compact result.

Solar chargers were installed on this lift for the vessel batteries