We pride ourselves in constructing the straightest, cleanest and most durable timber sea wall in the business. Today’s seawalls are installed with a wide range of materials and costs depending on the contractor, exposure and armoring requirements of the property. Timber seawalls are one of the most widely utilized and cost effective         installations for residential use.

For our timber seawalls, we use 2.5 treated marine pilings at five feet on center and 2x8 2.5 CCA sheet pilings. We also use 2-ply , 2x8 2.5 CCA whaler framing which is seldom used by our competitors and provides excellent strength against compressive failure. Both walls are stabilized with 5/8” stainless steel tie back rods into 3000psi  concrete footers.

This wall was constructed in front of the old existing wall on the Indian River in Melbourne Beach

Our boardwalk style cap adds a nice look and doesn’t warp like                conventional seawall caps

This is an 8’ high timber wall with riprap and a three whale framing system to accommodate higher grade elevations

Cloth is installed with the stainless steel tie back rods into footers ready to pour

2ply 2.5 CCA timber whaler framing is installed

2.5 CCA treated sheet piles are installed

A radius wall with plumb corners and straight sectional runs make for a   perfect solution on this uniquely shaped lot in Satellite Beach