When you contract with Land And Sea Marine, Inc. for any project, the end result will be a product that was produced by knowledgeable experts that are professionals in our field. We are 100% confident of our construction methods and we back our installations every step of the way.


That is why we provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on all of our workmanship, period. If any failure were to occur under normal conditions due to workmanship on any of our projects during the serviceable lifetime of the project, we will respond quickly and enthusiastically to correct the problem at no cost to the client.


In addition, if any materials used on the project were to fail during the valid warranty period of the manufacturer, we will assist the client in contacting the manufacturer to address the problem at hand.


We all know that Mother Nature has a track record of visiting Florida from time to time, and the effects can be unpredictable in strength and scope. This is why our construction methods are focused to provide strength and durability to the forces of Nature. However, it is impossible to predict the severity and frequency of Florida weather systems and the consequences of their force. Therefore, we will respond promptly to help or make repairs in these situations, but damage from such an occurrence cannot be covered under this guarantee.